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Boscombe Manor

For much of its history, Boscombe was a rural and sparsely populated area, with agriculture being the primary occupation of its inhabitants. The manor and its lands were owned by various landowners and families over the centuries. Boscombe's most famouse residents were Sir Percy and Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein. 

The modern development of Boscombe Manor and the surrounding area started in the mid-19th century when Bournemouth began to grow as a fashionable seaside resort town. The arrival of the railway in the 1870s made Bournemouth more accessible to visitors from London and other parts of England, leading to a boom in tourism and the expansion of the town.

The surrounding heathlands and coastal scenery attracted wealthy individuals looking to build holiday homes and villas in the area. Many impressive Victorian and Edwardian buildings were constructed in Boscombe Manor, reflecting the architectural styles of the time. The suburb became known for its elegant residential properties and became a sought-after location for affluent residents.

Boscombe Manor's appeal as a coastal resort area continued into the early 20th century, with the development of amenities such as the Boscombe Chine Gardens and Boscombe Pier, adding to the area's charm and recreational options.

Today, Boscombe Manor remains a desirable residential location in Bournemouth, with its historic charm, proximity to the coast, and a blend of period architecture and modern developments. Its history as a part of Bournemouth's growth and evolution as a popular resort town continues to shape its character and appeal to residents and visitors alike.

The vast majority of residential buildings in Boscombe Manor are large detached Edwardian houses, with a number of large 'one-up-one-down' conversions and luxury purpose built apartments with many offering splendid sea and coastal views. 

Most detached houses within Boscombe Manor sell for in-excess of £1,000,000 with many selling for well above this figure. 

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