A beginners guide on vegetable growing.

Life for many people has changed dramatically in recent weeks, Schools are shut, roads are empty and supermarkets now have one-way systems! With many isolated at home more than ever, families, couples and singletons are thinking of ideas to keep themselves busy whilst enjoying the lovely weather and adhering to the governments social distancing guidelines. 

One activity which ticks all these boxes is growing your own vegetables! Starting your own mini-allotment is the perfect way to spend time outside whilst being socially responsible during these difficult times. Not only is it enjoyable and rewarding with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables during the summer months, growing your own vegetables offers better tasting, fresher produce for a fraction of the cost. 

You dont need a large garden to grow vegetables, many will happily grow in pots on a patio or even a balcony. Any container will work, as long as it is clean and has holes in the bottom for water drainage. Be creative! How about a rusty old wheelbarrow or a pair of wellington boots?! 

Read the packets carefully, as many require different conditions as seedlings but as long as you are patient and give your new vegetables the care and attention they require it really is simple! Have a look at our chart to give you some inspiration!