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There is nobody better placed to recognize good local solicitors and conveyancers than estate agents as the very success of our business depends upon the legal process. A conveyancer that is slow, or difficult to get hold of can potentially lose a sale, whereas an efficient conveyancer who is quick to respond to both you and the other sides conveyancer will save you both time and money. There really is nothing worse than a solicitor that doesn't communicate which could potentially put your sale or purchase at risk. 

We would always recommend a quality local solicitor, to either you or us, or a solicitor which you have used before and have an ongoing relationship with. 

We can tell you who are the best local solicitors or introduce you to Team Conveyancing. We have negotiated special fees only available to our buyers and sellers which include ‘no sale, no fee’.

We have close working relationships a number of solicitors, some of which can be found below. 

Matthew & Matthew, Southbourne. 01202 431943

Humphries Kirk, Southbourne, 01202 421111

Letchers, Ringwood. 01425 01202 471424

Frettens, Christchurch. 01202 980416

Dixon Stewart, Highcliffe. 01425 279222

Ellis Jones, Ringwood. 01425 484848

Harold G Walker, Wimbonre. 01202 881454

Kiteleys, Canford Cliffs. 01202 708634

Setfords, Poole. 01202 117818

Please talk to us first to ensure you get the best fee and service which could make all the difference to the success of your home move.

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