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The Do's and Don'ts when selling your home

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DON’T OVER VALUE:  Don’t be tempted to price your home over and above what other similar properties are on the market or selling for. An unsold home will become stale sooner than you might think and any price reductions you make to attract interest might actually have the opposite effect.

Ultimately, your home will generally end up selling for less than it would have done if it had just been priced correctly from the start.


DO have a board!: Contrary to what many think, boards do help properties sell! Yes, it is ‘free’ advertising for your agent, but it honestly will benefit you.

1) You need to let as many people know as possible that your home is for sale – shout about it from the rooftops to ensure maximum exposure which will result in more viewings and ultimatly a better sales price. 

2) Passive buyers – These are buyers who are not registered on the web portals or with agents and are not regularly searching so they will not know your home is for sale. However, when ‘that home’ comes to the market, the one they have always dreamed of owning they will do everything possible to secure it – all because they saw the board.

3) Drive by’s – When a new property comes to the market, many buyers will do a ‘drive by’ before arranging a viewing. By having a board, your home is so much more noticeable, especially in the dark!


DO forget the 99p method! Buyers are no longer searching for a home in the window of Estate Agents - Instead they are using their smartphone or computer and this means your property should ideally be priced on a Rightmove price bracket! A property priced at £499,950 will not show in a search from £500,000 - £550,000 and although it will show in a search from £450,000 - £500,000 it will likely be at the top of a buyers budget meaning they will either discount it or make a low offer.

Similarly, if you priced your home at £510,000, it will only sit on one price bracket and a search between £500,000 - £600,000 will mean your home sits towards the end of the search results, as Rightmove lists properties in price descending order by default. Like a google search, you want your home to be seen, which is why being on the first page of a Rightmove search is so important.


DON’T make lots of small reductions: Making lots of small reductions during the course of marketing is not only damaging for your eventual selling price but often means the reduction isn’t large enough ( 2% ) to be sent out in property alerts and also won’t appear as a ‘fresh’ listing. One substantial reduction is far more beneficial than three small ones. If your home is being marketed at £570,000, do NOT reduce it to £560,000, instead pitch it at £550,000 which covers the 2% reduction and re-lists at the next Rightmove price bracket to ensure your home receives maximum exposure.


DO make your home look its best! : Marketing a home is about creating an emotional attachment between a buyer and a property, we make purchasing decisions based on emotion and not logic. The more amazing, homely, and enticing your home looks, the better the emotional attachment, which should equate to a higher sales price. Invest time and money before you come to the market, making your home look its best. Remove clutter and re-arrange furniture to get those all important perfect photos. Make sure your home is clean and there are no funny Odours, first impressions really do matter!

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