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The allure of Riverside Living: Escaping the rat race

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The allure of Riverside living is driven from a number of factors. From the beautiful views and serenity of escaping the huslte and bustle of modern living, to coastal access and travel routes across the English Channel. Here's our take on Riverside living:

Slower Pace Of Life

Living by water somehow encourages us to pay more attention to the views on our doorstep and the immediate surroundings. Escaping the rat-race and taking more time to see things, appreciate things, and the ability to live at a slower pace can only be a good thing. Areas like Christchurch with the exclusive waterside developments of Priory Quay, Rossiters Quay, Avon Wharf and the Meridians, to name amongst a few, are proving evermore popular with purchasers.

Hobbies and leisure activities

The Rivers Avon & Stour ensure for a number of activities, from fishing to boating and paddleboarding. A number of events are held over the Summer in Christchurch and the surrounding areas to include an RNLI fun day and a dinghy race. Boats can be hired locally for easy access across to the sand spit at Hengistbury Head and there's a brilliant stand-up paddleboaridng and sailing community locally.

Continued Investment

Investment in the local riverside areas has been extensive and continues to be. From increase flood plain defensives, to newly opened or extended bars and restaurants we have people flooding in from far and wide to visit this beautiful area. 

Health Impacts

The health benefits of living close to water are widely recognised. According to research, being near water reduces stress, boosts a sense of calm, and improves well-being. Living near water is also said to encourage outdoor activity and exercise, whether it be cycling, walking, rowing, jogging or swimming.

Easy access to the coast and English Channel

The local Rivers, Avon & Stour provide access out to the South Coast and English Channel. Wether its a day trip up the coast to Lymington, or across to the Isle of Wight, you simply can't beat a good day out on the boat.

Do you want to enjoy living by the river? We sell a large volume of property on the Riverside and tend to be the go-to Estate Agent, along with our partners at Fine & Country, for property by the water. Make sure to get in contact with us.

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