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Interior design trends of 2023

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Whether your home is ready for a modern spruce up or a vintage revamp, here are some of our favourite interior design trends for 2023.

Warm colour palettes
warm colour palettes room

Warm colour palettes are making a comeback after a bit of a lull since the 70s. These deep, earthy tones mixed with soft and bright shades are indicative of simpler times and are also popular amongst young people who may be experiencing second-hand nostalgia.

Indoor-outdoor living
indoor-outdoor living space
Indoor-outdoor living trends continue to rise in popularity and almost seem a mandatory part of any refurbishment. This calm and collected open-plan space is perfectly suited to contemporary family life and provide a great space to entertain friends and family. Bifolding or sliding glazed doors and a roof lantern provide plenty of light and the illusion of a larger space than it may well be.

Light and dark
light and dark examples
light and dark examples
The contrast between a white wall and the increasingly common hague blue provides a great blend of minimalism with a rustic and more cosy feel. Brushed chrome or bronzed coloured cupboard handles in the kitchen and a log-burner or burnt copper coloured pillows in the living room help to piece the two colour-schemes together.

Soft & curved edges
soft & curved edges in room

Although straight lines and clean-cut edges aren’t going anywhere any time soon, it appears that home interiors have been making more room for curves. To add a stark contrast to the sleek modern design, curved arches and rounded furniture offer a slightly more playful look, without compromising on modernity. Arched doorways, recessed shelves and sweeping curves around the home also create interesting shapes and dimensions that enhance the space without overcrowding it.

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