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First time buyers' guide

By Mike Read
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When looking to buy a home, we understand how difficult it can be to know where to start.

That's why our associates over at Frettens have put together an easy-to-read, free guide which tells you everything you need to know, before you even contact a solicitor.

You can flick through the guide below...

Our Expertise

The Frettens guide covers:

  1. Case creation
  2. Pre-exchange
  3. Exchange
  4. Pre-completion
  5. Completion

First Time Buyers: We are here to help

Hopefully after reading the above guide you'll feel a bit more familiar with the process of buying a home.

If you're still a bit unsure, don't worry. Feel free to give us a call on 01202 474202 or Frettens on 01202 499255.

About the Author...

Mike started out at our Highcliffe Office before moving to Christchurch where he heads up our Fine & Country Office.
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