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5 tips to add value to your garden

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We’re spending more time at home than ever before and so gardens have arguably never been more valuable to both buyers and sellers.

According to data from Rightmove, searches for homes with gardens are up by 84% for renters and 42% for buyers year on year.

Here are our top tips for adding value to your garden:

1. Presentation

garden presentation

A poorly presented garden can be off-putting to buyers. Make sure to remove weeds,
water the lawn, cut back overgrown shrubs and trees, jet-wash any patio areas, repair
# any damage to surrounding fences and take pride in the appearance of the garden.
First impressions count.

2. Entertaining Space
entertaining space outdoors
Entertaining spaces outdoors have become more regularly sought after. A patio,
decking or seating area is a big plus. You could go as far as to build an outside
barbecue area, pergola or fire pit. Outside lighting can also be utilised to bring
warmth to the outside space.

 3. Privacy and security

privacy and security fencing

   A safe and secure garden can be a valuable asset, especially to buyers with kids or pets.
Consider filling any gaps in fences or gates and adding additional security
measures like locks where needed. If your home suffers from overlooking, this can be
off-putting for buyers and can even affect your property’s value. Think about adding
hedges, climbing plants and trellises to certain areas of your garden to shield it from
view or relocate your patio or deck to a private corner.

4. Home Office / Log Cabin
home office / log cabin
If your budget stretches to it, adding more usable space is a great way to increase value.
The ability to work from home has risen tenfold in recent years and so the want for a home
office has never been so important. 

5. Practicality
practicality garage
Buyers will always be interested in plenty of storage options when purchasing a home. A large
shed is a bonus, although we'd say it will minorly increase the saleability rather than value.
However,if you have the space, a garage will increase the value of your home. 

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