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4 tips for selling your home

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Home staging can cost a fortune but here's our 4 key tips to help sell your home:

1. Declutter your space
Storing away personal mementos and other ornaments can help to make a room appear larger and help any viewers to better envisage how their own belongings will look in the space. With minimalism being a highly popular style for house hunters, decluttering will help rooms to appear larger and to achieve a cleaner look. Using creative storage can help to declutter and make sure to use any loft space available.

living room space

2. Enhance kerb appeal
First impression are crucial for selling a home. Not only for that initial impact during a viewing but also from an online perspective. Generally, agents only have two primary photos on Rightmove listings unless they use premium listings as we do at Slades, which ensures 4 primary photos. Either way, generally the first photo is an outside front photo of the property. It's proven that poor kerb appeal can result in less "hits" on the online listing, resulting in fewer viewings. In a recent study, a staggering 30% of potential buyers would be put off by a messy garden. Ensure to sweep the driveway, tidy up any weeds and neaten up any outdoor spaces before selling.

enhance kerb appeal building

3. Refresh your walls
Generally, neutral colours are the way to go here. Not only does it allow for a potential purchaser to visualise furniture choices but also maintains that clean and airy feel that so many buyers are after. Adding a pop of colour with pillows, rugs and chairs can help to tie the room together, rather than a grey and white box. A lick of paint overall can go a long way for that all important initial impression and won't break the bank, so we'd highly recommend this if your walls are looking a little tired.

refresh your walls interior

4. Appeal to your senses
While staging your home is mainly to do with how your home looks, appealing to all potential buyers’ senses can help them to envisage just how comfortable they could be in your property. Help your home smell clean and inviting by using a scented candle, reed diffuser or fresh flowers. Unpleasant smells can be hugely off-putting for potential buyers, with 37% of Brits admitting pet smells would put them off a property. Studies have also shown that some relaxing and subtle music can assist in that feeling of homeliness to a potential buyer. Finally, ensure your home is an optimal temperature so that viewers are comfortable. On a hot summer’s day, ensure you’ve aired out the house before a viewing, or you may even want to use a fan if your house gets particularly hot. We'll always turn up to viewings early to ensure we've opened doors and windows where neccessary. 

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